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Welcome To The George Heath Foundation…

George will always be 20 years old. He will always be a friend to countless people. And he will always be an inspiration to very many.

He may have only been 20 when he died but he hadn’t wasted a single moment. Every day was lived to the absolute maximum, and he had a vitality and vibrancy that means the hole in the lives of those who loved him is magnified.

George was always full of fun, his banter was merciless… sometimes you didn’t even know he was reeling you in because he could keep a straight face until the very last moment… and then the twinkle in his eye would give him away. Often, and for no reason, he would dress up or paint his face….just for the laugh. He was a constant surprise. He was always a neck or nothing kind of guy – he pushed the barriers of what could and couldn’t be done, just for the fun of it… this is the boy who “scooted” down the slide just to prove that he could!

Life was full, from football to multi-family walking expeditions and camping, school and university, and in later years kart racing and being a mechanic/mentor for more junior racers he was always on the go…and when the time came he wasn’t afraid of hard work either, working at King Loui’s Fish and Chip Shop in Tarvin, and in the summer holidays from Staffordshire University he would also work during the daytime at The Crocky Trail, double shifts day after day!

He would do anything for anyone, but help was always given quietly – it was only after he died that we realised how much…the stories of kindness that people shared with us indicative of the gentleman that he had become.

What the Charity does

The George Heath Foundation has been established as a charity by the friends and family of George to celebrate his young life and to ensure that his name lives on in the hearts of those who were close to him and in the numerous and diverse communities where he was widely known and loved.

Primarily but not exclusively, we will target this charitable support to those local individuals and organisations operating in Tarvin and the surrounding villages, which seek to promote community cohesion, citizenship, health, physical and emotional wellbeing, the advancement of amateur sport and the educational needs of the wider community.

Additionally, we will also seek to support those clubs, societies, and causes which were an important part of George’s wider network (e.g. university, karting, football etc) by helping them to promote their community and public benefit activities.

Using the funds that have and continue to be raised in George’s memory, our objectives are now to provide charitable support to those community-based organisations and causes that touched George’s life; by helping them to further their public benefit work and ambitions.

Ultimately, the George Heath Foundation will endeavour to support an inclusive range of communities, causes and activities that touched George’s life, ensuring that the benefits of the Foundation are accessible to all age groups, irrespective of social backgrounds, religion or gender. We aim to help everyone fulfil their potential and life.

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