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Well…we’ve been to a few such events in our time….and always felt obliged to buy wines that we weren’t that keen on…so we are going to try something a little bit different!

We will be speaking with our friends over the coming weeks, and will be asking them to nominate their favourites…we will then arrange for there to be enough of each for you (and your friends at your table!) to try out (along with some very lovely tasty cheese!). No pressure to buy…just the opportunity for a lovely chilled evening with friends.

You will still get all of the “blurb” about the wine….but, instead of trying to sell it to you at a profit…we will tell you where we got it from and how much it costs!

Ticket price will include a taster of up to 8 wines, and various cheese accompaniments!

Save the date in your diary – and send me a private message telling me what your favourite wine is, and where you get it from!