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We worked very hard over the summer months of 2016 to establish the charity formally and complete the processes required by the Charity Commission. We were very conscious that until we received their approval we shouldn’t begin to allocate the funds that we had generated.

Our formal recognition was received on 10th October 2016, and shortly after we made our first allocation of funds. Listed below are the projects that have received funding so far.


Allocation 31 – Teenage Mental Health – part complete £320 spent to date, still in progress

Mental health affects everything. It affects our nature and how we interact with the world and ourselves. Without good mental health, we are susceptible to not knowing our full worth and struggling with things that are beyond our control. When we ignore mental health, we ignore ourselves. Good mental health helps us feel sad if we want to [...]


Allocation 30 – Defibrillator – King George Playing Fields Tarvin £1295

At the July Parish Council meeting it was reported that on Sunday 30th June someone had collapsed and died of a heart attack at Tarvin Tennis Club. The defibrillators on the High street and at the Community Centre could not be used for different reasons. The trustees of the George Heath Foundation found out about the need [...]


Allocation 29 – Tarvin Blues Under 11s kit £250

The Tarvin Blues Under 11s were looking for a co-"sponsor" for their new kit and the trustees of The George Heath Foundation were happy to help. As a "Tarvin" boy...George loved playing football with his friends, and so here we are proud to share a photo of the latest under 11s team in their very smart new [...]


Allocation 27 – Dan Edwards – wheelchair

Tarvin man, Dan Edwards, a multiple SuperKart Grand Prix winner was seriously injured racing his super kart in 2017 at Ashbourne in Derbyshire. Dan, a former British number one, suffered damage to both his legs as well as a broken wrist. Dan was suffering from compartment syndrome in his right leg (when there’s a large amount of pressure on [...]


Allocation 28 – Chester Aid to the Homeless (in conjunction with Childer Thornton Primary School) £1,000 to match the CTPS £1,000

One of our trustees, Chloe, has been teaching her class at Childer Thornton Primary School about refugees and homelessness and the children wanted to know all about the "Care Bags" that we provided to Chester Aid to the Homeless (CATH) last year. Robbie and Gaynor visited the school in January and met the class and, since then, Year [...]


Allocation 26 – Barrow Playing Field / Pavilion – Leverage Funding £1,000

A project is ongoing in our neighbouring village to Regenerate the Pavilion on Barrow Playing Field and include a Community Shop. The maintenance of the playing field and buildings is an ongoing  financial liability for the owners, Barrow Parish Council and this project will convert it into a viable financial and community asset. It will remove a potentially unsafe pavilion [...]


Allocation 25 – 2nd Tarporley Brownies – resources £188.00

We were approached by the 2nd Tarporley Brownies as they were short of Level 3 meeting resources and also Badge Books for each of the girls (22 of them!). As the Brownie programme aims through fun, friendship, challenge and adventure to: empower girls to find their voice, inspire them to discover the best in themselves and make a positive [...]


Allocation 24 – F1 in Schools / Tarporley High School £200

George loved Motor Racing....and he loved his time at Tarporley High School (mostly!) a project that puts the two in the same sentence is definitely going to have the backing of The George Heath Foundation. The intention, to start with, is build the vehicles and use gravity to power them down a tilted track and compete 'in [...]


Allocation 23 – Tarporley Vics Junior Football Club Under 8s – Football Goals £200

We have previously provided assistance to the boys from this football team in their previous guise as Tarvin Blues....but late last year they became Tarporley Vics JFC....but they didn't have any goals! football team can play without goals - (even jumpers don't work in the same way they used to!) - and knowing George's love of [...]