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We worked very hard over the summer months of 2016 to establish the charity formally and complete the processes required by the Charity Commission. We were very conscious that until we received their approval we shouldn’t begin to allocate the funds that we had generated.

Our formal recognition was received on 10th October 2016, and shortly after we made our first allocation of funds. Listed below are the projects that have received funding so far.


Allocation 10 – Tarvin Community Woodland “Wilding Area” £810

The trustees of the Tarvin Community Woodland have identified the need for a part of the woodland to be allowed to ‘grow wild’ and become a wildlife sanctuary, in order to give our wild creatures (especially small birds) a chance to live without the unwelcome attention of people and dogs. Establishing such an area is bound to [...]


Allocation 9 – Tarvin Christmas Festival £350

The Christmas Market  is a community event which is supported by grants from the Parish and Cheshire West and Chester Council. The Christmas Festival and Market committee would like to raise more money at the event to help them become less dependent on grant aid. One of the main ways they intend to raise more money is to provide a [...]


Allocation 8 – Tarvin Pre-School Nursery £400

The Pre-School are constantly looking to improve their facilities to ensure that our local children have many wonderful and memorable experiences. Back in December 2016 The George Heath Foundation provided a donation to purchase a "Mud Kitchen" - one of the most George appropriate donations we could ever consider! In March 2018 we [...]


Allocation 7 – Tarporley 6th Form Magazine £850

The students of Tarporley Sixth Form produce their own Sixth Form magazine, 'Term', which has gone to win national awards at the SHINE Media Awards in London on numerous occasions. The magazine involves lots of students from both year groups - many of whom are then inspired to study English or Journalism at university.  One of their articles was recently used in 'Grazia' [...]


Allocation 6 – Tarvin Community Centre Internal Improvements £500

At their Committee meeting on Tuesday evening (Oct 3rd) the Community Centre Committee agreed to start development work on Phase One of their Improvement Plan. This consists of work to the Main Hall that is intended to improve conditions for all users. The work to be undertaken is: New suspended ceiling New lighting to create a wide [...]


Allocation 5 – Tarvin Community Centre – £1000

Tarvin Community Centre are planning to spend £11,500 over the winter months on improvements to the external grounds, this will include a new storage shed and landscaping to the garden areas . We look forward to seeing the work progress and providing some updated photographs as the improvements reach their conclusion! You can read more about events [...]


Allocation 4 – Tarvin Community Woodland Trust – educational signage in the woodland – £600

If you own a dog or love nature and walking and live in Tarvin, then the chances are you will have visited our beautiful community woodland (Grogan's Walk). One of our Foundation's aims and objectives is to improve the quality of life and the well-being of our community and to further life-long learning. [...]


Allocation 3 – Charlie Horton Proton Therapy Treatment Support

Allocation 3 - Charlie Horton - Proton Therapy Treatment Support Thirteen year old Charlie had a brain tumour diagnosed just before Christmas 2016 and had surgery which successfully removed 90% of it - but unfortunately the tumour started growing back and as a result he needs treatment in America. Although the treatment is funded, this allocation is [...]


Allocation 2 – Tarporley War Memorial Hospital (the Cottage Hospital) – £2400

The Cottage Hospital has been at the heart of our local community for almost 100 years and many of us will have visited it for physio, minor injuries treatment or to visit the GP Out of Hours Service. We understand that the last time the day room chairs were replaced was 1985 and, as such, an upgrade [...]


Allocation 1 – Tarvin Pre-School Nursery | £500 | Autumn 2016

The Nursery planned to make a Mud Kitchen in the wooded area of the school grounds to benefit Nursery and the Reception class too – this entailed the use of many recycled items and assistance from local craftsmen, but the allocation from the George Heath Foundation was used to purchase the actual units which cost around £500. [...]