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Bruce Lister
Bruce ListerChairman
I’m Bruce. I’ve known the Heath family for many years, initially through a shared interest in karting but also as firm family friends watching our kids grow up together; and more recently as we’ve both moved on into grandparenthood! I have been a past Chairman of NatSKA, the national schools’ karting association, where with Paul and Gaynor, we were heavily involved in the promotion and day-to-day management of the organisation, as a club and not-for-profit business.

In terms of my day job, I’m a regional director for a national house building and construction business and out of hours, I’m a keen biker taking every opportunity to explore the world on two wheels with my better half, Katy.

Robbie Plank
Robbie PlankTreasurer
I’m Robbie, and I was George’s best friend. I worked in King Louis Fish & Chip shop with George and other close friends since I was 14.

We used to play cricket, ‘kerby’ and football in the street when we were little kids, and I now play football on Saturday and Sunday for Kelsall and Tarvin Rex respectively.

I aim to continue George’s passion for helping others and inject the foundation with his love for life.

Louise Brunsdon
Louise BrunsdonAssistant Treasurer
Hi, my name is Louise and I’m George’s ‘Aunty’, a family friend for over 25 years. My two children Sam and Katie consider George and his big brother Harry as their siblings. I have worked for a bank in various roles for 35 years and love meeting and helping people.

I have recently qualified as a scuba diver to join the rest of the family ” if you can’t beat them, join them!” I hope my previous charity experience will help the Foundation maximise its fundraising so that the communities that George loved so much will benefit.

Gaynor Heath
Gaynor HeathSecretary
I’m Gaynor, and I am George’s mum. I’ve spent 20+ years being busy nurturing our sons so that they can maximise their potential. In my working life, I qualified as an accountant in 2005, but I now work with my husband Paul in our family business.

I love fun and spending time with our family especially our grandchildren, Oscar and Isla. I am passionate to ensure that the Foundation is as diverse and all-inclusive as George was.

Harry Heath
Harry HeathCommunications
I’m George’s older brother and the guy responsible for toughening George up and teaching him some of the harsher realities of life as he grew up. As a brother, I couldn’t rate George highly enough and I was lucky to have such a strong, enthusiastic and determined person to develop alongside.

I currently work in the Coffee Industry and outside of work I enjoy the vast majority of sports with a particularly keen interest in both motorsport and football. I am most proud of my wonderful family which includes my beautiful wife Sophie and our children Oscar and little Isla who together are a constant source of joy.

Tom Burton
Tom BurtonTrustee
Hi, my name is Tom and I’m a good friend of George’s and the rest of the Heath family. I have a keen interest in aviation and I am an Air Traffic Controller by trade.

Outside of work, I follow football and just like George, I am a massive Liverpool FC fan. Although my past experience with charity work is minimal, I am passionate about raising money that can be pumped back into the local community for those who can benefit from it.

Paul Heath
Paul HeathTrustee
I’m Paul and I’m George’s dad. Most of my spare time over recent years has been taken up with karting, Harry and George’s passion in life. I’ve been their mechanic, logistics manager and wallet through it all. Those times with them, while they were growing up, were precious because it was a hobby that we all did together – and I definitely believe that the family that plays together, stays together.

Day to day life consists of running my own business designing and installing kitchens – something that George helped me with during summer (and of course was good at!). The Foundation is a means of saying thank you to the community that supported us so much through the most difficult time of our lives.

Ben Thorp
Ben ThorpTrustee
I’m Ben, I’ve known George and the Heath family for the majority of my life. George, Harry (Georges brother) and I have been on holidays together and had the same childminder throughout primary school. Throughout our younger years, we were all incredibly close, we all went our separate ways after high school but always saw each other for a pint after a game of football.

My full-time job is a salesman and I have a real interest in business, which is where I plan to continue my career. I have a real passion for making a difference, and the George Heath Foundation really can.

Chris Percival
Chris PercivalTrustee
I’m Chris, I have known the Heath family for many years, from going to School with both George and Harry and spending MANY weekends with them during my time kart racing with NatSKA. Even after my time karting (when I was too old!) I continued to spend lots of time with George and the family whilst working in the capacity of a Medic for the circuits we visited and as part of the NatSKA committee.

In my day job, I am the Chief Executive of Jigsaw Medical & eJigsaw, both of which support The George Heath Foundation.

Chloe Evans
Chloe EvansTrustee
I’m Chloe and I am one of George’s best friends from High School – we shared many happy times with our wide group of friends, and George and I shared the same sense of humour (and mischief!)

Since The George Heath Foundation’s inception in 2016 I have been a very passionate supporter of the work that has been done for our community and I have run the Chester Half Marathon three times to raise funds #ForGeorge

Since graduation with a teaching degree in 2017 I have taken up a full time role teaching year 3 children and in Autumn 2017 I was invited to become a trustee of The George Heath Foundation – a role that I was delighted to take on as I am passionate to continue to ensure that George’s inclusive and extensive community benefits from the work that the Foundation undertakes.

Declan Roche
Declan RocheTrustee
Hello, I’m Declan, and I had the pleasure of growing up a few doors away from George and the Heaths, he was the first person to welcome me into Tarvin and I shared endless silly memories with him. From him getting me my first job in the chippy to playing nearly every sport possible with him in and around the Tarvin community. The area gave us plenty of opportunity to do so and I am now proud to be helping the foundation allow more opportunities for this to be continued. Couldn’t speak highly enough of the work the family and friends have started and the difference they are making to local groups and individuals
Katharine Jackson
Katharine JacksonTrustee
Hi, I’m Katharine, and I have known the Heath family for the last 16 years – since Harry and my son Oliver started kart racing at Tarporley School. We’ve spent many, many happy weekends together.

I love spending time in Wales at my weekend home on Anglesey, and during the week I work in the Finance department of Jigsaw Medical. In a former job I spent a number of years co-ordinating charity events for the bank that I worked for, and so you will definitely see me in a hands on role at George Heath Foundation events!