Allocation 10 – Tarvin Community Woodland “Wilding Area” £810

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Allocation 10 – Tarvin Community Woodland “Wilding Area” £810 2018-07-13T10:59:27+00:00

Project Description

The trustees of the Tarvin Community Woodland have identified the need for a part of the woodland to be allowed to ‘grow wild’ and become a wildlife sanctuary, in order to give our wild creatures (especially small birds) a chance to live without the unwelcome attention of people and dogs.

Establishing such an area is bound to take time and be difficult because, of necessity within a community woodland, the demands of wildlife and those of amenity will conflict to a large extent. The area best suited to such a purpose is the extreme South West corner of the woodland at Townfield Lane, within the Millennium Plantation.  This area is the only one which has sufficient space, is sufficiently separated from the footpath and already has the beginning of the under-storey growth which needs to be encouraged.  It is used by a few people – there is a traffic-worn pathway around and through the trees – and, before any work is commenced, it will be necessary to give good and full publicity to what is to be done, so that no one will be surprised when, eventually, they find access barred to them and their dog(s).

This allocation of £810 is to part fund the supply of the necessary fencing and other materials to allow the formation of a wildlife corridor aimed at promoting the future development of the woodland for small mammals and birds to thrive.