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Project Description

Saturday 5th May saw the 3rd holding of The George Heath Memorial Football Trophy.

On the day 23 teams took to the field to play for the honour of being 2018 champions….the big question was…could the Vinegar Drinkers FC take the trophy home again!?

In beautiful, sunny warm weather we were treated to a feast of football (as well as a feast of barbeque and cake refreshments courtesy of Sandra Plank, Jane Bulow, Debbie White, Vickie Plank and ).

Never mind Al Murray being the nation’s favourite landlord….in our village, there is only one man who can fill that mantle…and that is Paul Robinson from Cestrian Bars (and of course Michelle!) The bar opened at 11am…and thirsts were being quenched with “Turbo Shandies” being served from that point on!

On the fields, things were being controlled by 7 referees who had made the trip across the Pennines from Sheffield (Sam, Steve C, Tom, James, Steve E , Ben and Mike) and local chap Colin….all of them aided by their own pitch managers….Bruce Lister, Louise & John Brunsdon, Lucy Trent and Jess Bull!

The pace of the games was fast and furious …and we saw some epic celebrations from the results of matches…NatSKA Bandits chief Cliff Pritchard doing a length of the pitch with his shirt over his head (and at his age…that’s no mean feat!!!). On the pitches, it was getting close for “The Golden Boot” for the highest scoring player…and it was very close amongst the teams !

At the end of the day though, there can only be one winner (well in football terms!) and they were SEABASS FC! Huge congratulations to you all!

(Of course the biggest winner from all of the players efforts was The George Heath Foundation! On the day, we were very lucky to receive a sizeable donation from Cestrian Bars…and when everything was totted up and accounted for we raised over £1,200 for local causes and organisations…Thank you all so much!

We’ll see you next year!