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Project Description

This year on Friday 10th May, we said goodbye to one of our most stalwart supporters.

Uncle John Latham very sadly passed away after a short illness – and we were devastated.

Auntie Mary and Uncle John played such a huge part in the young part of George’s life, with Mary being Harry and George’s childminder until Harry went to Tarporley High School.

In deciding John’s funeral arrangements Mary and her children Helena, Christopher and Sandra decided that John would want to give all of the funeral donations to The George Heath Foundation – he was born an Oscroft man and supported the villages throughout his life, supporting Mary in her work on Tarvin parish council, and coming back every week to come to the bingo sessions in the community centre. He also came to every one of The Foundation’s events – coming to the quiz just to look after the raffle….he said quizes weren’t his thing….but support for us definitely was!

He will be very much missed by us all, and we are very grateful to the Latham family for their continued support. Thank you